Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Things I Never Understood About My Mom, But Now I Do

Thank you to Two Writing Teachers (www.twowritingteachers.org) for hosting Slice of Life and getting me to write on my blog again.

If you are a mom, or even a grown-up, I'm sure you've had the experience where you found yourself doing or saying something that was exactly what your mom would have said or done. It's surprising to realize this, as the thing that you just said or did was probably something that you thought you would never actually do or say.

Since I've become a mom, I have developed two habits of my mom's, which as a kid I thought were totally weird, but now I totally get. The first of which being her ability to fall asleep during any movie, even if she is in a movie theater.

This never made sense to me, particularly as a well-rested teenager. I mean, it's one thing to fall asleep when you're watching a movie and lying on your own couch. But a movie theater, seriously? I remember going to see Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery and the whole theater was laughing hysterically while my mom snoozed away in her chair.

But as a working mom with two small children, I completely understand this now. A dark room, a reasonably comfortable chair, and two hours where no one needs you: how could not use this as an excuse for a nap. In fact, I am so bad about falling asleep during movies that if I am reclined even slightly past a 90 degree angle, my chances of falling asleep increase exponentially.

Another thing that baffled me about my mom as a kid was how she never took off her coat. For example, she might come in from the store and proceed to put away all the groceries and then move on to making dinner and then sit down to eat dinner, all with her coat on. We all used to tease my mom about this habit, and it wasn't until I was making dinner in my coat one night and was called out by Sophie that I realized I had started doing this.  "Mom, why are you still wearing your coat?!"

I don't know: I'm cold? I just didn't have time to remove it?

Whatever the reason, I would just like to say, "I get it, Mom."

My beautiful mom!


  1. Oh, I love this. Sometimes I don't even recognize myself, yet I do recognize my mom in me!

    I am the same with the falling asleep anywhere at any time. I totally get it now.

  2. It is amazing how we take on the characteristics of our parents. In my case, I see me dad in me.

  3. What a beautiful picture of your mom! I like her smile. You are right, we do seem to carry on things from our parents...things we never thought we would do. I wonder if our parents felt the same.

  4. Ha! My husband is the one who falls asleep in movie theaters. Only recently has this been a problem for me.

  5. My mother used to take mini vacations from us by reading a book. You couldn't distract her with out shouting out her real name. I learned this from her. I don't think I ever mastered her level of concentration, but books are the place I go to get away from it all.

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