Sunday, March 13, 2016

Mrs. Tablecloth: 13/31 #solc16

Spring is almost here! Which is awesome, except for the fact that along with the nice weather I will also be seeing a lot more of my neighbor, Mrs. Tablecloth. (Not her actual name, in case you were wondering.)

When we first moved in, she appeared to be a harmless lady in a barn jacket, but I've since come to know better.

Scenario 1:

Limb from a tree in our front yard is damaged in a storm. Arborist comes to repair said tree.

Mrs. Tablecloth: Gretchen, you're going to have to call your tree people. They're damaged my grass with the wheel of their trailer.

Me: Where?

Mrs. Tablecloth: Right here.

Perhaps one, maybe two blades of grass are damaged.

Me: Of course, Mrs. Tablecloth

Scenario 2:

It's garbage day. Mrs. Tablecloth brings her garbage can back up her driveway two seconds after the garbage truck has departed. I get to mine at some point in the day. This is the lowest item on my to-do list.

Mrs. Tablecloth: Gretchen, if you ever need me to bring your garbage can up for you, I would.

Me: Ok.....Thanks, Mrs. Tablecloth.

Me (later, thinking): Why would I ever need her to get my garbage can? If were out of town, it wouldn't even be out....oh, I get it....

Scenario 3:

The old pipe on our sump pump breaks. Water is bubbling near our foundation at that spot.

Mrs. Tablecloth (from over the fence): I'm really glad MY sump pump is working!

Me (thinking): Yes, congrats to you and your sump pump, Mrs. Tablecloth.

Pete's friend stops by to pick him up for a hockey game.

Mrs. Tablecloth (from over the fence): Excuse me, but are you here to fix their sump pump?

Pete's Friend (completely confused):

Upon recommendation from a plumber, pipe is rerouted and water will sometimes run down the driveway to the street when the sump pump is running. 

Mrs. Tablecloth (knocking on our door): The sound of water running down your driveway is bothersome to me while I read.


How does the old adage go? Good fences make good neighbors? 

I think I need a better fence.


  1. I can only imagine why you named her Mrs. Tablecloth! I am picturing a widow who needs a hobby.

  2. Oh my! What an interesting neighbor you have there. I have a few neighbor stories myself and I am not sure I could speak as nicely as you. Here's to better fences!

  3. I guess Mrs. Tablecloth gives you a lot to think how to build a better fence. :)

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