Wednesday, March 2, 2016

From the Mouth of Babes:2/31 #solc16

Recently, I have been amazed at my two-year-old, Margaret's, language skills. She's been talking for quite a while, but in the last month or so, she's said some things that really struck me as interesting.

Every day, we are in the car alone together for the ten minute drive between her daycare, where I pick her up first, and my older daughter's babysitter's house.

We often see airplanes overhead and last week, after I prompted, "I wonder where that plane is going?" she responded by telling me a completely made up story about how she jumped out of a plane into a swimming pool. It had lots of interesting details. I couldn't believe it! Her first story!

Another day, she randomly mentioned, "Your car have 'lignment." I was surprised by her memory and attention to detail. I did, in fact, take my car in for an alignment a couple weeks prior. Margaret was with me, but I don't recall ever explaining to her what was being done to my car. She must have picked it up from my conversation with the service man.

But, what I was definitely not expecting was to receive critical fashion advice from my two-year-old! The other day, she called out from the back seat, "Where did that come from?"

"Where did what come from, Margie?" I had no clue what she was referencing.

"That! That shirt!" she insisted.

"What? My shirt?"


"It came from the store. Do you like it?"

"No! I not like that shirt you wearing!"

Well, okay then. I thought it was a nice shirt, but a burn is a burn, even when it comes from a two-year-old. Ouch!


  1. Ouch, indeed! 2 is one of my favorite ages because of the incredible language growth and the fun of communicating verbally with these little beings. I'm still smiling at the thought of fashion criticism from a toddler!

    1. I know! Maybe she'll work for Vogue one day!

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  3. Ooof! That hits ya head on when they do that doesn't it? Too sweet. Your little one has great attention to detail. :-)

  4. Ooof! That hits ya head on when they do that doesn't it? Too sweet. Your little one has great attention to detail. :-)

  5. did she say *why* she didn't like it? This is a great story. It is so wonderful watching how young minds work. If we only had the time to write down all the amazing things they say. I'm looking forward to more reports on her observations.

  6. Funny story! Developing a fashion sense at 2! Enjoyed reading your post. Happy Writing!

  7. Your Margaret sounds delightful! There is nothing more honest than a child without a filter.
    Love your blog's title - Meat Toast! Wonder what Margaret would have to say about that. ;)

  8. Your stories always make me smile. Just to warn you, if she's anything like my girls, she'll continue to give fashion advice well into her 20s. :)