Friday, March 18, 2016

Air Fresheners:18/31 #solc16

Today Pete brought home an air freshener that he got for free at the car wash. He took it out of his car because the scent of it was making him sick.

It reminded me of the time in high school that my friend Weeze's car developed a terrible smell. It started out as a faint stink and then it grew to a disgusting stench. It was to the point where, in order to ride in the car without being overpowered by this odor, my friends and I had to stop at the local car wash and buy the 25 cent air fresheners out of the machine. Then we would hold them up to our noses for the entire car ride.

A couple of weeks later a bag of carry-out food was discovered under the front passenger seat. No one in Weeze's family could remember when it had been ordered or account for where it might have come from, which might give you some idea of its state of decay.

With that cleaned out, the smell slowly dissipated and we could toss the air fresheners out and breathe easy once again.


  1. Oh my goodness! This made me laugh out loud! Sometimes this happens in one of the classroom desks. It's a treasure hunt to see who left his/her tuna fish sandwich to die in the back of a desk. I also had friends like that in high school! I can just picture you holding the air fresheners up to your nose. Ha!

  2. Oh holy cow that air freshener had to be vile! What a memory it invoked. I can imagine that stench from your description. Ugh.

  3. Yikes! The smell of car air freshener gives me a headache, so I can only imagine how bad Weeze's car must have smelled!