Thursday, March 3, 2016

Aaaahh! The Sweet Feeling of Foot Freedom: 3/31 #solc16

I'm not known for making the best footwear decisions. I tend to base my choices off of style rather than comfort or practicality.

I recall a pair of flats I once owned that had such a pointy toe that by the end of the day my calves would go almost completely numb. I would spend the rest of the evening with both legs wrapped in heating pads to recover, which may sound ridiculous to some. But, these flats were seriously cute!

Another example of a poor shoe choice would be the time that my husband and I took a trip to Washington, D.C. and instead of sensibly wearing a pair of tennis shoes for the countless miles we would walk during our sightseeing, I chose to wear a very fashionable pair of stacked wedge sandals. By the evening of the first day, my arches were killing me and my feet were covered in blisters from the straps that wrapped around the heel and across my toes. Actually, "blisters" is an understatement. What covered my feet could have been more aptly labelled as "lacerations," as they were deep wounds that no band-aid could remedy. I spent the rest of the trip hobbling around and begging my husband to hail a taxis, which, I might add he refused on the grounds that my condition was "my own fault."

I could tell you about fifteen instances when I went hiking in flip-flops.

A co-worker who has known me for quite some time actually let out a gasp when she saw me wearing tennis shoe; it was such a strange and startling sight.

You get the picture.

Over the last few years, I've become more practical when it comes to shoes. I still love to wear heels and the like, but as I usually have two young girls and a menagerie of bags, coats, and who knows what else in tow, I've succumbed to prudence in the shoe department on most days.

But today, I wore a pair of high heeled boots with a rather pointy toe, and when I sat down at the end of the day to peel them off, I basked in the wonderful feeling of foot freedom. For a full minute, I wriggled my toes around and rubbed my feet against the rug. It was then that I realized, if it weren't for uncomfortable shoes, I would never know this feeling! Just another reason why suffering for fashion is a worthwhile pursuit.


  1. I wear two shoes at this stage in my career. My running shoes or my danskos. Otherwise I pay. My kids says my shoes are ugly, but I am all about practical shoes. My husband can only give me so many foot massages in a day. Kudos to your wherewithal to do so!

  2. This is so funny- I can't remember the last time I strayed from my comfortable flats that I may or may not own in an impressive array of colors and patterns. I tried to wear high heeled boots one day last year and I really caved halfway through the day and got the trusty flats out the of the car. :-)

  3. We had pajama day yesterday. I was excited to wear slippers all day. OMG my feet were killing me by the end of the day. If felt glorious to put my shoes on......what lovely support !

  4. It was like you were speaking to me because normally I wear practical comfy shoes but unfortunately they are wearing thin. So, I bought what I thought were another pair of comfortable shoes with a little fashion but after wearing them for the first time today they were Killing me! Disappointment! I will get my old worn out ones out.