Friday, January 9, 2015

Proper Winter Attire

For years, I never owned a proper pair of snow boots. My thinking usually went something like this:

The temperature's -25 degrees? I think these flats will do!

Forecast's calling for 8 to 10 inches of snow? This will be the perfect day to wear my new suede moccasins!

My mom was forever warning me that, if I wouldn't wear them, I should at least have them in my car in case of an emergency. (She also insisted that I have a coffee can with a candle in it, as this is also supposedly useful in an emergency.) But, I always eschewed her advice because I didn't want to spend money on ugly snow boots when there were so many other cute shoes to be bought.

Finally, at an end-of-the-season sale, I purchased a pair of boots that were fur-lined and actually waterproof. In another moment of clarity, I also bought a winter coat whose major feature was its length, rather than its style.

During this week's snow storm, I was leaving work wearing my snow boots and my long winter coat, and I was suddenly how warm I was, despite the weather! It was such a new concept to me! And, after years of tiptoeing to my car or finding other people's footprints or tire treads to walk in to avoid getting snow on my feet, I brazenly walked through a snow drift in my boots and my feet were still dry! Amazing!

I guess my mom was on to something after all.


  1. Yeah, Gretchen. I was excited to see you back on your blog. I have finally given in to zipping and buttoning my coats. Warmth is nice!


  2. Thanks, Cathy! And, yes, why did it take us so long to realize these things?!


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