Monday, August 4, 2014

You Can't Handle the Truth!

Yesterday I turned 35, but apparently even at this age, my family still feels the need to shelter me from unpleasant information.

Remember how just last week I wrote a post about the friendly mailman from my childhood, Tony? Well, not long after posting that I got a text from my best friend, relaying information that she received from her uncle after reading my story. The gist of that information was that Tony has left his children and his wife of twenty-five years for a twenty-something stripper/heroin addict.

I know! Disgusting and terrible!

I immediately had to inform my sister about this! But, not only did she already know this, she also added that Tony was banned from the library for viewing porn on the computers!! In addition, she pointed out that I was wrong about his last name beginning with an R--it's actually a K! The bombshells were piling up!!

My first thought was, "WHY DID NO ONE TELL ME THIS?!"

My sister's response? "I didn't want to tarnish your memories."

Which I guess is kind of her. I guess.

I just have a bit of a complex about not being informed about things, stemming back to when I asked my mom and sister if one of my old houses had a weird smell to it. They were always swearing that it didn't and that I shouldn't worry about. Until, that is, I moved out of that house and they admitted that, yes, it did in fact have a weird, old musty smell!!!

"Why wouldn't you tell me that when I asked you?!?"

"Well, there was nothing you could have done about it, so we didn't want you to stress out," my mom responded.

And, that's not all that I've been left in the dark about!

Family member in the hospital? You live two hours away. We didn't want to worry you.
Great Aunt So-and-So dies? We forgot to mention it to you. The funeral wasn't that great, really.
Cousin's a transvestite? Okay, so I'm making that one up. But even if one of them was, I'm sure no one would tell me about it!!

Apparently I can't, Jack Nicholson. Apparently, I can't.

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