Wednesday, July 17, 2013

(And) You Are...?

Geez, it's hard to come up with topics starting with Y and Z! Here's what I got for Y. 


When I was a little girl, I had a favorite game that I made up and it was called "Sherry and Sherlene." The rules of the game were that my mom was Sherry and I was Sherlene, and we had to call one another by those names all day. That's it. We just went about our daily business as these two ladies. Apparently, I would get very upset if my mom happened to address me as Sherry, instead of Sherlene, and most definitely if she called me Gretchen. I was pretty young when I invented this game, so I cannot accurately attest to the truth of this anger, but, c'mon already, Mom! How could you mix up Sherry and Sherlene? They're distinctly different names.

And, speaking of my mom, she should have been more understanding of this game because when she was little, she played a similar one with her sister, Kelly. In their game, the ladies were Susan Bonson and Janet Kuhnlana. Or maybe it was Janet Bonson and Susan Kuhnlana. And, I've never actually seen the last name Kuhnlana in print, so I cannot say with any degree of accuracy whether that spelling is correct. Anyway, their game also consisted of just calling each other these absurd names.

Now that I have a daughter of my own, I am beginning to understand that this "name game" is an inherited trait. Ever since she could speak in sentences, Sophie would say that she was Uncle Pat (my brother) and whomever she was with was Bridget (my sister). Now, whenever we're home together, she tells me that we're two sisters. We usually don't have names, just Sister. And, she does tend to get a little huffy when I don't adhere to the rules.

"Sophie, your lunch is ready."

"Mom, I'm not Sophie. I'm your sister, remember?"

"Oh, right. I mean, Sister, your lunch is ready."

When she's with my dad, the game changes to two brothers, most recently named Bill and Hayden. It's a toss up from day to day. I never know who she might be.

"Good morning, Sophie. Or is itUncle Pat? Sister? Hayden? Sherry?....Janet Bonson??"

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