Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Sometimes, on a porch in July...

In response to Kate Messner's Tuesday Quick-Write prompt and inspired by her beautiful mentor text, here's a little something about summer on the street where I grew up.

Sometimes, on a porch in July
the air is so thick
you have to swing a little higher
to get a breeze to kiss your skin,
pink from a day at the pool.
It's when you'll catch a whiff
of a neighbor's freshly cut grass.

And taste the sweetness of an
orange Popsicle as it melts down
your throat.
And hear the mingle of laughter
and shouting, echoing
from someone's backyard.
You jump up to join in,
but pause
and smile
because you know the day
is long and
it'll be hours til you hear your
mother call.


  1. What a great piece ...
    Love the details!

  2. Ah, summer...I can taste the sweetness of that orange popsicle!