Friday, March 22, 2013

Skins, Book -- Slide, Electric


Ever since Sophie was old enough to talk, she has expressed an extreme dislike for book jackets or dust covers, except she has always used her own term for these things: book skins.

For some reason, the term "book skin" just strikes me as really funny. Whenever she gets a new book that has one, we just take it off and recycle it. Once, while in the process of doing this, Sophie looked at me and said in a very solemn voice, "We don't like book skins in our house, do we Mom?"

So, be warned, book skins are not welcomed in the Schroeder household.


I'm just going to come right out and say it: I hate the "Electric Slide." I find it to be one of the most annoying songs (and accompanying dances) ever, followed closely by the "Cha Cha Slide."

First of all, I don't like songs that dictate how I must dance. What if I don't want to shuffle step and twirl? Because I don't.

Secondly, hasn't this song been irritating people at proms and weddings for long enough? I was doing this dance in the junior high. Enough already.

At my own wedding, I banned this song. But, now, I'm going bigger. And, I propose that this song be banned from the entire universe. That's right. The UNIVERSE!

I have created a petition to do just that. So, if you would be glad to never hear the phrase "jiggle a messa carra" while doing a pointless line dance, please join me in signing by clicking here:

Gretchen's Petition to Ban the Electric Slide from the Universe

And one more:

A vintage sloth picture drawn by my brother, Patrick, when he was probably six-years-old. He slipped this under the covers of my bed to scare me. It worked.


  1. Love the picture! Book skins are banned? I guess you never have to worry about the book covers getting ripped and needing to be taped over and over again. :)

  2. Tell Sophie I am with her 100%. Whenever I get a book with a cover, I remove it before reading the book. It just gets in the way in the most annoying manner.
    When finished with the book, I then put it back on before shelving the book.

    I love the term book skin!