Friday, January 11, 2013

Facebook Question -- Fear


If an event occurs and it is not recorded on Facebook, did the event actually happen?

Yes. Yes it did.


So there may have been some downsides to my brother being the youngest boy with two older sisters. Mainly these:

But, I would also include the many hours in which I made him watch reruns of The Facts of Life with me. Although, at the age of four, I think he genuinely liked watching the antics of Mrs. Garrett and the girls. In fact, I know that he did.

One day, out of the blue, he said to me, "Guess what I'm saying.....hmmmmm....hmmmmm.....hmmmmm."

"Umm, 'I love you'?"

"No, no, listen again. Hmmmmm.....hmmmmm.....hmmmmmm."

"I really have no idea, Patrick."

He finally gave up on me. "Tootie......Natalie.........Blair."

Of course, why didn't I think of that before.


Why is it so difficult to get the perfect water temperature out of a faucet? I feel like I've got the fine tuning of my shower faucet at home under control, but whenever I go to a hotel, it's a crap shoot. By the way, I now know what this phrase refers to since I finally went to Vegas for the first time, and, coincidentally, this faucet problem occurred when I was showering there, too!

Anyway, I usually start out with the hot, just to see how hot it will get, and then slowly turn the cold to get that perfect balance. It appears safe to turn the shower on and get in. I start the shampoo process when all of the sudden, the balance is thrown off--it's feeling a little too cold for my taste. A little more hot, yes, that's about right. Wait....Scalding! It's scalding me! Ahhh! I can barely stand to reach through the spray to adjust the cold. Okay...that's better. it's too cold again.


It's pretty well-known that I have an extreme fear and hatred of sloths. As a result, people are always showing me pictures of sloths that they find, telling me stories they've heard about sloths, and even buying me sloth-related gifts (I have a growing collection of sloth stuffed animals on top of a bookcase at school). I feel like whenever someone hears something about a sloth, it makes them think of me.

This got me thinking the other day, about how when people know you're afraid of something, they start associating you with that thing. But, if you're afraid of something, you don't want to be associated with it. In fact, you want the exact opposite.

So, my advice to you is this: If you have a fear, don't let other people know about it. It's much safer that way.


  1. Faucets ... Hmmmmm... Could it be you have the same problem I have? "Hot and cold dyslexia"!! I always manage to turn the knob the wrong way!

    1. Yes! I admit that I've fallen victim to that disorder as well!