Thursday, January 3, 2013

Cardigans -- Cider, Sparkling


Cardigans are quite possibly the best clothing items ever. I've been wearing them ever since they were part of my school uniform in elementary school, and I probably own over thirty of them. You just can't have enough of them in my opinion.

Things cardigans can do for you:

1. Allow you to wear a sleeveless dress in fall or winter.
2. Take off the chill of a cold meeting room.
3. Make you feel connected to Mister Rogers.

And, much like glasses, wearing a cardigan makes you look smarter. (I think it's because librarians are known to wear them). I know they definitely upgrade the sweatpants that I pair them with when I come home from work everyday.


The first car I ever had was a maroon 1989 Chevy Corsica. I was glad and grateful that my parents purchased this vehicle for me, but there was something about it that left me feeling uneasy. I can't say why, but I just had a fear that it would catch on fire.

When I expressed this fear, my parents laughed at me. "Cars do not just spontaneously burst into flames on the highway," they liked to remind me. This sounded factual, but I couldn't shake my premonition.  The fear was at its worst when I would be driving to and from my college and my parents' house. I would spend most of the two hour drive saying continual Hail Marys with a death grip on the wheel, planning my escape route should the car become a blazing inferno.

I'm happy to say that in the time I owned the car it never caught on fire. When I eventually upgraded to the more prestigious Chevy Cavalier, we sold the car to a friend of my younger brother. I think my parents were hesitant to tell me not long after that while the boy was driving on a local highway, he noticed small flames coming up through the driver's side floor. He quickly pulled over, got out of the car before--you guessed it--it burst into flames.

I knew it! I knew it!


Taking down your Christmas decorations is a delicate thing. It's sad if you take them down too early because  then it seems like all the anticipation and build up is over too quickly. Or, a naked Christmas tree thrown to the curb a few days after Christmas can imply that your holidays were bad and you're glad they're over.

But, it's also sad if you take your decorations down too late. It seems like you're holding on to Christmas because you have nothing else in your life to look forward to. Or, a dusty Christmas tree in the corner of the living room in March could indicate that you are extremely lazy and a bad housekeeper.

I'm always trying to strive for the appropriate time to take down my decorations--the happy place between these two sad alternatives.


I never drank in high school, nothing alcoholic that is. Instead, I could always be found at parties with one of these sparkling juices:

While some people nursed hangovers, I suffered from a sour stomach and the lows of the previous night's sugar high.

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