Friday, December 9, 2011

Call on Line One

Yes, I have admitted that I was still known to break out my Barbies in the 8th grade.  And, it's no secret that I was known to play croquet in my yard in full Southern belle attire.  But, much to the dismay of my sister, when I entered high school I became much too grown up to be bothered by such trivial things. I mean, you can potentially get away with playing toys in the junior high without completely decimating your social life. But, in high chance.

However, Bridget was not willing to give up her playmate so easily.  She was even willing to reduce herself to pretending to be my maid or a waitress who would bring me food and drinks to create the semblance that were playing together. While this arrangement worked out well for me ("Sure, let's play restaurant. Bring me a chocolate milkshake--I'll just be in my room."), it couldn't have been much fun for her.

So, in a quest to relieve her boredom, she changed tactics. And, I must admit, her new plan was brilliant.
Witness it in action:

Bridget: "Do you want to play office with me?"

Me: "No."

Bridget: "Okay, Miss Vouvier." (This is pronounced VU-vee-A for those of you who are not familiar with made-up, French-sounding, business lady names.)

Me: "I'm not playing office with you!"

Bridget: "Okay. I'll just be at my desk if you need anything, Miss Vouvier."

Me: "I said  I am not playing with you!"

Nothing. That was her response as she went out into to the hallway and got to work on her "office duties." I returned to my room to do whatever it was that I was doing before I became known as Miss Vouvier.

It wasn't long before the phone rang. And, before I could grab the receiver, I could hear Bridget speaking into it in her most professional, receptionist voice (or what an 11 year imagines to be a most professional, receptionist voice, which is not quite the same thing). "Please hold..." Then, she screamed across the hallway, "Miss Vouvier...Call on line one!"

There was no question that the person on the other line had missed that. And even if there was, the laughing that assaulted my ears once I grabbed the phone confirmed it. Needless to say, I was called Miss Vouvier by various classmates throughout the rest of the school year.

And, I wasn't even playing office...I SWEAR! ( I was just making my own fashion catalogue...definitely not playing.)


  1. Hi there! I am curious about one thing, could you please share with us the place where you spent your childhood?

    1. Sure! I grew up in a small town called Toronto. In Ohio, not Canada, although that's what everyone thinks when they hear it.