Monday, January 3, 2011


This is a poem inspired by "Raised by Women" by Kelly Norman Ellis which I wrote during the Columbus Area Writing Project Summer Institute in 2008.


I was raised by
a swerve driving, never depriving,
home cooking, "on the bright side" looking,
laughing til she cries, always ready to advise,
dancing in the living room to "Caribbean Queen,"
invigorating like a shot of caffeine
kinda Mom.

I was raised by a
river walking, front porch rocking,
junk collecting, people connecting,
jotting down the daily event, singing til his heart's content,
spending every free minute on the water,
"it's a compost pile, not a rotter"
sorta Dad.

I was raised by
car trip taking, Christmas cookie baking,
memory reliving, hug and kiss giving,
reading stories every night, teaching us to do what's right,
picnicking on a Sunday afternoon,
warm and fun like the month of June
type of parents.

Mom and Dad raised me to be a
daily praying, "please" and "thank you" saying,
book reading, people needing,
cherishing all family time, never know how far I'll climb,
not afraid to be myself,
leaving regrets on the back of the shelf
kinda girl.

That's how I was raised.


  1. that's just too sweet gretchen. wouldn't it be great to have our daughter's right something like that about us some day?

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  3. Can i just say, or rather write, that every time you post something new on your blog, I'm haunted by the fact that i typed "right" up there instead of "write"? Seriously, it bothers me! A LOT!! I'm not a complet moron I swear, and I don't even have a good excuse for why it happened, but it's up there for the world to se......UGH.....and just so you know, that comment under mine that says David said and then is removed, was my first attempt at correcting my error, but I realized I was logged in under his account instead of my own. The whole thing is a mess!! It does make me feel better to type this little addendum of sorts. Keep blogging. I love your stories!!

  4. Violet, you are so funny! But, I completely understand because those things tend to haunt me too!