Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Ghost of Christmas Photos Past

Here is a critique of some lovely Christmas photos from my past....

My sister Bridget looks darling in her plaid dress and short hair.  But I, on the other hand, could never quite pull off the short hair look.  In this picture it looks slightly like a mullet.  And, that outfit?  I distinctly remember my middle-aged second grade teacher wearing something very similar that year.

Homemade dresses...and someone got a little carried away while trimming our bangs that year.

I wish I could have heard the directions that the person taking this picture gave to my sister.  Perhaps it was something like, "Now give me your most awkward and unnatural pose!"

Making Christmas cookies...what a crew.  This picture also brings back memories of our kitchen, pre-remodel, where a gentle spring breeze once sent the curtains billowing in, only to be ignited into flames by a toaster in use on the table.

And if this picture doesn't make us look like we're from West Virginia, I don't know what would.  A folding chair, a toboggan, an open fly, missing teeth, and a bathrobe can never equal anything good.


  1. i'm from west virginia......before toronto, and now again..... which i'm proud of!! but with that being all do look a little west virginiaesque. :)

  2. I was born in West Virginia, so I get it honestly!

  3. Jeremy came running into the living room because he thought I was crying. It's in fact true, it's because I'm laughing so ridiculously hard from this post. You're seriously killing me.